Quantum Neurology

Understanding When Things Go Wrong With Your Wiring

Quantum Neurology (QN) is a gentle, non-invasive physical therapy that enables rapid nerve rehabilitation throughout the body.

Your central nervous system is “wired” to all of the parts of your body that it controls (which is all of it). You can think of this just like the electrical wiring in your home. There is a power panel that acts as the main distribution point for electricity throughout all of the rooms of your house. It relies on the conduit wire running from that panel to power the lights, fans, and outlets in each room. If the wiring to any one part becomes frayed or damaged, it will reduce how effective the electricity is delivered to that part of the house. Over time, that deterioration can result in power surges that actually damage the things that those wires were meant to power. The wires can also become so brittle that they stop delivering power to parts of your house altogether.

When you experience these electrical issues, you call a certified professional: an electrician. They are able to use their tools to identify the bad spots and then repair them. Due to their expertise and the tools that they have been trained to use, the electrician doesn’t have to remove big parts of your house to fix the issues. In many cases, no one would even know that you had the repair work completed!


Optimizing Your Body’s Healing and Performance

Quantum Neurology is a phenomenal, advanced technique that allows us to identify the parts of your nervous system that may be showing signs of degeneration or significant damage. QN is a safe, non-invasive nerve rehabilitation technique that allows us to evaluate and address every major nerve in the body. The recommended protocol involves an initial QN Spinal Evaluation to map and score the entire spinal cord where your central nervous system lives (just like the power panel in your home!). From there, we are able to create a fully personalized care plan with light therapy and instrument-based adjustment. Many patients experience an immediate reduction of pain and an increased sense of stability when we are able to determine that QN is an effective treatment option for their unique issues.