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Hi, I am Dr. Ginette.

I have spent my career trying to best understand what my patients are really looking for when they come to me.

Learn more about what I do and see if it is right for you by putting in your name and email and go to the next page.

Here is how I help you get results to live your best life by using a proven process.

1: Book your first visit:

  • We are going to spend your first visit learning more about your health
    and the complications that come with your unique situation and health
  • We will complete a series of brief, non-invasive exams. These will help
    me obtain an overview of your health and give me insight into the
    underlying issues that we will need to work on, together.
  • We will sit down together and talk through the questions that you have
    for me.

2: Review your results:

  • I am going to need a little bit of time to review everything we discussed
    as well as your test results.
  • I will review them with you in a second visit. I want you to understand
    what the information has shown me so that you know why I’m making
    specific recommendations.
  • We will look at a customized program intended to help you reach your
    health goals including an estimated time period for your care as well as
    the cost options.

3: Start your care:

  • Once I answer your questions, we will spend a few minutes setting up
    your initial appointments and your care will begin!

The next step is to set up a date and time for your first visit. You can do that by contacting our office.

While you’re here, you can fill out your new patient paperwork. This will take you a short 10 minutes. I’m going to read and review it before you come in for your first appointment. Yes, do study them, so go ahead and click on the link. I look forward to meeting with you and seeing how I can help.

Your Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness

Appointment Includes:

  • Full Chiropractic Exam
  • Personal Health History review
  • 1-on-1 Consultation with Dr. Ginette
  • Completely personalized health care roadmap (with goals, # of
    visits, and protocols)

We love helping our patients live their best life and they are excited to share their experiences with others. See what some of our patients have to say:

Elizabeth is enjoying golfing with less back and foot pain

I started seeing Dr. Ginette for my neck and low back problems as well as for pain and stiffness in my foot after having a bunion removed years ago. Shortly after starting care, I could get up in the morning without being stiff and bent over. My feet are better as well, and I’m able to walk for longer period of time without worry. Now, I can golf and walk 18 holes, whereas before I could barely finish 9 holes because of my foot and back pain… it’s wonderful!!

Alex is sleeping better and has better mobility

I was suffering with headaches and neck pain for over 7 years. There were times that I would not be able to sleep due to these headaches and it was difficult to work the next day. I could not move my neck well and noticed while driving it was difficult to turn my head to do a proper “blind spot check”.

My wife recommended that I try Chiropractic care. Dr. Ginette performed some adjustments to improve my spine. She also gave me some exercises, stretches and simple things to change at work to help me. I have noticed that my headaches and the range of motion in my neck have improved a lot. I also sleep better at night!

“Because I have been so satisfied with her care and personality at the beginning, I signed up and have been so happy!”

  • Leg cramps are gone.
  • I can sleep better.
  • I feel more aware and can enjoy what I love!

Call us at (519) 966.7880 to schedule your time to meet with Dr. Ginette and find out how she can help you and your family. Are you ready to get started?