New Patients

Welcome! We’re happy that you found us and excited that you’re considering visiting our office. Check out what to expect here.

When you arrive for your first Chiropractic visit you’ll be warmly greeted by our front staff and given an intake form to fill out so we can get to know you and gather information about your health history (or in most cases, we will email it to you and you can complete it ahead of time). From there, here’s what will happen:

Your First Visit

At your first visit, we’ll start by discussing your health and wellness goals, issues, and concerns, and how Chiropractic can help. From there, Dr. Ginette will complete a thorough examination. If x-rays are necessary, she will write you a referral to get some taken. If you have x-rays already, by all means, bring them along.


This meeting will last approximately 60 minutes (much longer than a regular adjustment), and typically does not include an adjustment (unless you are in acute pain that Dr. Ginette feels she can help relieve right away).

Your second visit

Your second visit is also approximately 60 minutes in length. You’ll find out what

Dr. Ginette discovered through her examination and your x-rays (if they were necessary), and her recommended treatment plan and program of care to achieve your goals. You’ll receive a full report with all of this information included.

We’ll help you book your visits (we may start your care on this day) and then you’ll continue from there according to your plan, with regular assessments along the way so we can measure progress and adjust the plan where necessary.

To learn more about Dr. Ginette, click here. For some frequently asked questions about Chiropractic, click here. If you have additional questions – or are ready to get started with Chiropractic care – please feel free to contact the clinic. We look forward to welcoming you!

We love helping our patients live their best life and they are excited to share their experiences with others. See what some of our patients have to say:

Elizabeth is enjoying golfing with less back and foot pain

I started seeing Dr. Ginette for my neck and low back problems as well as for pain and stiffness in my foot after having a bunion removed years ago. Shortly after starting care, I could get up in the morning without being stiff and bent over. My feet are better as well, and I’m able to walk for longer period of time without worry. Now, I can golf and walk 18 holes, whereas before I could barely finish 9 holes because of my foot and back pain… it’s wonderful!!

Alex is sleeping better and has better mobility

I was suffering with headaches and neck pain for over 7 years. There were times that I would not be able to sleep due to these headaches and it was difficult to work the next day. I could not move my neck well and noticed while driving it was difficult to turn my head to do a proper “blind spot check”.

My wife recommended that I try Chiropractic care. Dr. Ginette performed some adjustments to improve my spine. She also gave me some exercises, stretches and simple things to change at work to help me. I have noticed that my headaches and the range of motion in my neck have improved a lot. I also sleep better at night!

Call us at (519) 966.7880 to schedule your time to meet with Dr. Ginette and find out how she can help you and your family. Are you ready to get started?